Chris Codish full discography 


With The Brothers Groove Record Label Number          Released 

Clamp it Down Little Fortissimo 319701 2000

Funky Santa Little Fortissimo 319702 2001

Layin’ in The Cut Little Fortissimo 319703 2002

A Season of Hope LRL ## 2002

So Glad You Came Little Fortissimo 319704 2003

DET Live! Vol3. Exclusive Live Detroit Public Radio 10193 2002


With Johnnie Bassett and The Blues Insurgents


The Gentleman is Back Sly Dog SLY 300 3 2009

Party My Blues Away Cannonball CBD 29109 1999

Cadillac Blues Cannonball CBD 29103 1998

Blues Across America: The Detroit Scene Cannonball CBD 29201 1997

I Gave My Life to The Blues Black Magic CD 9034 1996

Live at the Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival No Cover Prod. NCP003 1995

Blues from the Heart WAY/SAC 12-11-94 1995

‘DET Live vol.1 WSU 10191 1999


With George Bedard

Further On (Self released) 2013


With Kenny Tudrick

KT (double album) 2014


With Sponge

Wax Ecstatic Columbia CK 67578 1996

For All  The Drugs in The World Idol 042 2002

Galore Galore Buddy No Larry 108 2007


With John Arnold

Style And Pattern Ubiquity URCD180 2005


With The Motor City Horns

Local Boys Brassjar music 001 2009


With Paul Priest

The Keely Effect 00151 2008


With Laith Al-Saddi

In the Round Self-released 2008


With Josh Bramhall

Dawn of Remembrance Hack-ma-tack 2004


With Gene Dunlap

I Still Believe Liquid 8/Rhythm Groove 12110 2003


With Robb Roy

Days of Pride & Hunger Pure 0104 2003


With Darron McKinney

Soft Spoken True life 10014 2003


With Detroit Super Session

Detroit Super Session Venture MAP72255 2003


With The Twistin’ Tarantulas

El Destroyo Self-released 2003


With Michelle Penn

Last Laugh Pissy Missy Music 2004


With Zug Izland

3:33 Psychopathic 5001 2004


With Ben Cyllus

Cinnamon Matinee Cinnamon Records 2004


With Shipwreck Union

Self Defense DeTroit Management 7144 2005


With American Accent

Unreleased currently


With Midtown Underground

Midtown Underground Self-released 2005


With 50¢ Head Rush

Unreleased currently


With Bump

The Heart of Cadillac Square Self-released 2004


With Doug Demming and The Jewel Tones

Double Down Mighty Tiger MTD6007 2002


With Thornetta Davis

Sunday Morning Music Sub Pop SPCD 324 1996


With Thornetta Davis and the Chisel Bros.

Blues from the Heart WAY/SAC 12-11-94 1995


With Lucid Jones

CODE Bullfrog BRLJ2001 2001


With Scott Grooves

Organ Nights 1&2 Spiritual Life SLM 379 2000

Body & Soul NYC, Vol.3 Wave 50060 2000


With Jill Jack

Watch Over me Drum Dancer 0004DD 1996


With The Howling Diablos

Green Bottle Overture 30042-2 1997

It’s My Party Overture 30046 1998


With Black Beauty

Señor Smoke Barrio Music 2002 1999


With Oopapada

Non Yawn Varites Uuquipleu 21480 1997

Zug Island Style Uuquipleu 21482 2001

We’re Household Names Today, baby Uuquipleu 21481 2001

Big Fahrenheit in Detroit Uuquipleu 21483 2002


With D.W. Harris

D.W. Harris Automanic CD0001 1998


With Garfield Angove

Woodward Dream Cruise 1999


With The Burros

Homestead Schoolkids JH1538 1995


With Sheila Landis and Rick Matle

The Bird Inside SheLan 1012 1997


With Robert Noll and The Mission

Blues from the Heart Volume II WAY/SAC 3-17-96 1996


With Big Jack Johnson and The Oilers 

Blues from the Heart Volume II WAY/SAC 3-17-96 1996



With The Gittinger Group

Solitary GITIT Records GIT-1001 2002


With John D. Lamb

A Novel Day Schoolkids SKR1541 1995


With Randy Volin and Sonic Blues

Used Guitars SBR Records 1995

Waking up With Wood 1998


With Pat Savage

Made in Detroit Savageworks 1999